Michelle Galpern is co-owner of Simi Cakes, mold maker, international instructor, manager, cake decorator, and sugar artist with a background in jewelry mold making with her father since she was 12 years old.  She is a FIPGC USA Division Representative and on the Amazing Casting Product Creative Team with Amazing Mold Putty for everything casting and molding.  She enjoys painting, sculpting, and photography and adapted her skills to the sugar art world when her daughter, Sidney, started her bakery.  Michelle has taught mold making and cake decorating at Florida ICES Days of Sharing and cakes shows, shops, and schools as well as assistant to Sidney, and judging at cake shows.  She has written articles for the Edible Artists Network Magazine, their Blog, and Amazing Casting Products where she contributes to the food art blog. 

Mike Galpern is our director of sales, operations manager, baker, sugar artist, cake decorator, international cake instructor, and a FIPGC USA Division Representative.  Sales information can be obtained by emailing Mike at    

Simi Isomalt Story-Simi Isomalt is the clearest, brightest pre-cooked ready to use isomalt on the market.  We use only the very highest grade isomalt with no additives.  Sidney created the recipe after trying all of the isomalts on the market and various recipes and couldn’t get the results she wanted.  After testing her isomalt with hundreds of students and scientists, as well as sending it to chefs with varying weather conditions around the world to test, Sidney tweaked the recipe to get just what she loved to work with.  The results have been amazing!  Sidney’s recipe allows for maximum workability time, giving students longer intervals to work on their projects before the isomalt cools for ease of use.  Just heat, pour and go!  Why isomalt?  Instant gratification!  Isomalt dries quickly and goes right on your cake and out the door! 

Happy baker, happy clients!


Sidney Galpern is a Certified Professional Chocolatier, award winning Cake Designer and Sugar Artist, FIPGC Accredited International Instructor, owner of Simi Cakes & Confections, creator of Simi Pre-Cooked Crystal Clear Isomalt, a chosen member of the International Cake Designers of Excellence Team FIPGC with the International Federation of Pastry, Gelato, and Chocolate based in Milan, Italy, and a FIPGC USA Representative.  She is host of "Sidney's Sweet Adventures" on CakeFlix TV, winner of Food Network/Food Network CA/Cooking Channel's Freak Show Cakes Flame Show with sugar artist Holly Broussard, past host of on-line TV Show, "Will Travel for Sweets"produced by the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, as well as a member of the Icing Images Design Team and Team Sugar Art. She graduated with honors from the prestigious  Ecole Chocolat School of the Chocolate Arts. She trained with top sugar artists and chefs in New York City, London, Tokyo, Orlando, & West Palm Beach.  Sidney was honored in 2017 with the Sweet Life Hall of Fame Award and 2018 with the Libby DeSousa award for outstanding service to the Florida ICES.  Her company was chosen as the dessert professional for the TV Show ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Space Coast.  Sidney teaches and demonstrates sugar & cake decorating to professionals and amateurs worldwide for the last 14+ years, along with judging and sponsoring cake shows.  She designs and manufactures her own line of sugar art tools, manufactures her own brand of isomalt, Simi Isomalt, as well as writing articles published in American Cake Decorating Magazine, Edible Artists Network Magazine, Cake Masters Magazine,, and featured instructor on SugarEd Productions Online School,, in the Florida Today Newspaper, Today in Brevard Television Show, German GalileoTV, Biloxi WLOX News, San Antonio Today, the ICES Magazine, and as a CakeFu Master Trainer.  Sidney's bakery and manufacturing facility, Simi Cakes & Confections (Pronounced See-Me) is located in Melbourne, Fl.