Episode 3-How To Make A Sandcastle Cake Fit For A Mermaid!  Sidney  gains inspiration from San Diego and all the creatures in the deep blue sea! She shows us how to make a beautiful sandcastle cake fit for a mermaid!

Episode 2-Behind the Scenes of a Beer Lovers Cake!  Sidney Galpern spends time in the microbrewing scene in Austin, Texas and brings home the inspiration for the ultimate beer lover’s cake.

Episode 4-Cactus Cake: From Prickly Plant To Sugary Confection!  Sidney and family spend time in the Saguaro National Park exploring the landscape and trying to fit in with all the cacti! Each one is unique and inspired this one of a kind cactus cake!

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This is one sugar-addicted family’s journey around the world, gathering inspiration for larger-than-life cakes.

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