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Isomalt Recipe
2 cups Isomalt
4.5 teaspoons Distilled Water
1 Quart Sauce Pan (Stainless Steel)
Pastry Brush
Small Strainer
Candy Thermometer to 360 degrees
Larger Pot filled with ice water
Flavor/Color optional

Combine Isomalt and water in a 1 quart heavy saucepan.  Cook over medium-low heat.  Stop stirring for the rest of the process.  Dip a pastry brush in water and wash down the insides of the pot just above isomalt to prevent crystallizing.  Skim off the thin layer of foam that accumulates on top of the isomalt.   You may have to wash down the sides with water and skim down the foam one or two more times.  When candy appears clear insert a thermometer and cook to 250 degrees.  Turn to medium heat and cook until mixture reaches 330 degrees and test a drop on a silicone mat to see if it hardens and snaps when cool.  If still soft maintain 330 degrees and test again every few minutes until it hardens when cool.  Remove from heat.  The syrup is VERY HOT!  Take precautions to prevent burns.  Submerge outside of pot in ice water to stop cooking.  Be careful not to get any water into the isomalt.  Add flavoring and food coloring if desired.   Pour into puddles/mold to use later.  Store in an airtight container.   

Caution:  large candies can be a choking hazard with children!

Pre-Cooked Isomalt Tips

Pre-Made, Pre-Cooked, Pre-Tempered Ready to Use Simi Isomalt

Caution: HOT!!!!!  Severe burns if you get any isomalt on your skin.  Wear oven mitts or cotton gloves covered with plastic gloves.  Wear protective clothing and closed toed shoes.   Eye protection is suggested. 
Place amount of pre-cooked isomalt desired in microwave safe dish on high for 30 seconds and then 15 second intervals until melted. 
Use flavor oils or edible color (airbrush color or powder color, no gel as it breaks down the isomalt) if desired, stir with spatula or toothpick, remelt.  Test when cool.
Pour directly into molds, or cool slightly to sculpt or make blown designs
Store unused cooled portion in sealed container.  Do not refrigerate. 
If you wish to break pieces, place in a sealed plastic bag and break with a small hammer, caution pieces are sharp
To clean up, soak in warm water and detergent to loosen


Isomalt works great as an edible glue for fondant, gumpaste, and more isomalt
If you don’t like something it can always be melted down and try it again.  Don’t give up, it takes practice
Do not use a toothpick to stir out small bubbles; it will stir in more air.  Place heat resistant bowl in oven set to 270F for a few minutes until isomalt is clear.
If using to cast molds, melt the isomalt as much as possible.  You want it a watery consistency.
If using plastic hard candy molds or metal cookie cutters spray vegetable oil into the cavities and then wipe out with a paper towel.
Never use a plastic or chocolate mold that is not rated for high heat.  It will destroy your mold and ruin your isomalt.  
Some silicone molds leave a slight cloudiness on your pieces, use a chef’s torch to lightly heat and shine the surface.  Be careful not to overuse or you will loose your detail.   
To Seal your projects use confectionery clear glaze spray.  You can use cooking spray, but may need to be reapplied every few days or hours